Stephanie Perry

For me finding My true love for the cannabis plant started in 2016. After months in the hospital with my mother from one complication to the next, she was told she would have to have a life-threatening operation. My mother being a loving kind woman was also very stubborn and she declined and said she would rather die than have a foreign object in her body! As a family, we were scared and didn't know what to do next until one of my cousins mentioned: "try cannabis after all the alternative is going to be a lot worse". With hesitation as my mother did not drink or do drugs the thought of asking her to use the cannabis plant seemed like a definite NO. That was not the case she was open to the idea, after just a short few months on Cannabis, my mother's conditions improved so much to the point I wanted to research and understand the plant for the medicinal benefits that I witnessed! Today my mother is still here doing better than ever still on her cannabis and since then I have continued to improve people's lives with the power of the plant with Papa and Barkley.